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Title: Embrace Me
Pairing: Min Yoongi + Kim Taehyung (TaeGi)
Genre: angst , tragic,one-shot
Rating: General
A/N: This is my first time posting my fanfic online. I had written a few fanfiction but never had the courage to post it online,so please bare with me.Do tell me if you notice some mispelled words or grammar errors.I hope you'll enjoy the story.

Yoongi was walking down the dirt stained pavements.It was his 100th day with Taehyung,his beloved boyfriend.
He was on his way to the park,where both of them promised to meet.

.He sent Taehyung a message,saying that he had a surprise for Taehyung.He knew that taehyung would forget about their 100th day anniversary but it didn't make Yonggi felt upset or what so ever because he was fine with Taehyung's forgetting habit.

When he arrived at the park,he saw Taehyung sitting on a bench,so angel like.He ran to Taehyung as fast as he can, ignoring the sharp pain on his chest .Before Yonggi got to Taehyung,a pretty girl in a pastel dress walked up to Taehyung.She handed a cone of vanilla ice cream to him.

Yoongi stopped where he was,He thought to himself that it was kinda rude at the same time lovely for him to invite a friend along on their special day.Then he decided to walk because he was out of his breath and he also forgotten to take his medicine .

Suddenly,Yoongi saw such a heartbreaking view.Yoongi's heart threatened to jump out of it's place.He saw the girl and Taehyung passionately kissing each other.

The way both of them kissed was so different ,the expression on Taehyung was different from the expression when he and Yoongi kissed.The kissed the girl received from Taehyung looked way real and sincere.

Yoongi loosen his grip on the bouquet of baby's breath that Taehyung loved so much.He landed on his knees and cupped his face.He didn't want people to notice him crying in the middle of the field.

His memories with Taehyung came flashing back.All of the sudden his eyesight became blurry.Yoongi thought to himself,
"is this one of the shocking episodes?"
Yoongi was hurt mentally and physically.

Taehyung is a very forgetful person but Yoongi always helped him to remember stuff and get through the day without getting scold for being such a dumbass.Yoongi had a heart problem at a young age but what did Taehyung did to help his so called beloved not so boyfriend ,Yoongi....


All he did was hurt Yoongi even more.
Taehyung saw Yoongi laying ont the ground,breathless.Yoongi should call out for help but instead he used up his shaky breaths calling out for Taehyung.

Taehyung took hold of the girl's hand and walked away,expressionless.Taehyung waved goodbye to Yoongi and led out a small smile that was full of betrayal.

There Yoongi laid on the grass with his limpy body and pale face.He still held his hands up high as if Taehyung would reach out for him.Taehyung's figure faded away as other citizen crowded around to help him.

Yoongi was dumbstrucked.He looked up to the sky,still believing that Taehyung would come back.Yoongi smile at the false thought,Slowly closing his eyes and letting the darkness surround him as he waits desperately for Taehyung to embrace him again.Everything that revolves around him is now...


A/N : This fanfic is quite short and i am very sorry if it's boring,typical and doesn't have an interesting story-line.i beg for your forgiveness and            wasted your time.If you do enjoy the fanfic,don't be a silent reader .Do tell me your thoughts towards this story.You can tell me what was          less or lacking on my fic.DO NOT post any harsh comments.Thank you for reading and i wish you a very good day.


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